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Call for Proposals

Our upcoming call for proposals for the next round of funding for 2024 is open to research scientists. We fund cooperative research and development in agriculture.
SUBMISSION DEADLINE for BARD grants: September 13, 2023, midnight  EDT

The U.S. Israel Binational Agricultural R&D Fund

BARD projects focus on increasing agricultural productivity, particularly in hot and arid climates, and emphasize plant and animal health, food quality and safety, and environmental issues. BARD also supports international workshops, and offers fellowships for postdoctoral research, senior research scientists and graduate students. The primary rationale of BARD is bringing together American and Israeli scientists to address important agricultural challenges that concern both countries. Fostering this cooperation creates a synergy which generates results that would not be possible had the scientists worked independently.

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Research Grants

Aquaculture and Desert Farming

 This program was previously included in the USDA,NIFA-BARD program. Now it is included in the regular BARD submission. The submission of the proposal is exactly the same as the other BARD proposals. Investigators should indicate on the submission pages if the proposal is appropriate for consideration in this category. BARD’s concurrent funding policies will not apply to those who submit to the Aquaculture and Desert Farming call for proposals. Thus, investigators may submit a proposal to both programs, provided the research plan and objectives do not overlap. Both pioneer and standard track proposals can be submitted under this category.

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Award duration: 3 years
Please note the submission date has changed 
Next submission date
: September 13, 2023

BARD Research Grants

Funds projects conducted cooperatively by US and Israeli scientists. Covers all phases of agricultural R&D including strategic or applied research. One-year feasibility studies (up to $100,000) are also funded.

Award duration: 3 years. One year feasibility studies are also funded.
Maximum award: $310,000 for a 3-year grant.
Next submission date: September 13, 2023

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NEW! Pioneer Funding Track

Funds projects conducted cooperatively by U.S. and Israeli scientists. For 2024 BARD will receive submissions in Crop Production, and Crop and Soil Health and Aquaculture.
Award duration: 3 years
Maximum award: $600,000 for a 3-year grant
Next submission date: September 13, 2023

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BARD is a competitive funding program that supports collaborative agricultural research in areas of mutual interest to the U.S. and Israel. BARD, Rishon LeZion 7505101, Israel. We sent out this message to existing BARD contacts. If you no longer wish to receive these emails, simply click on the following link to unsubscribe.

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