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BARD Pioneer Track

During its annual board of directors meeting on May 23, 2022, BARD’s board of directors created a new track of funding. It is tailored to incentivize scientists from the U.S and Israel to apply for funding to support groundbreaking topics. This track will run in addition to the existing tracks of applications.


About the Track

The pioneer track will support projects highly innovative, strong, and unique proposals that have the potential of creating significant impact on agricultural with tangible results, utilizing cutting-edge research technologies. BARD aims  to support research projects that will bring upon a new direction, concept, or solution in agricultural sciences, such as practical food production solution. Research projects must have clear practical benefit to both nations.

The eligibility and instructions for proposal application and evaluation are identical to BARD guidelines.

Track Goal

The program aims to enable broader collaboration between stakeholders from various disciplines to foster innovation and probability of success. 


A program dedicated to support applied research with a higher award level per grant.

Additional Guidelines for Pioneer Track

  • For the 2023 round of submission, BARD will receive applications in crop production, crop health and aquaculture fields only.
  • Up to one proposal will be funded in each of the following review panels: Crop Production, and Crop Health. In addition, up to two proposals in Aquaculture will be funded.
  • The budget of each project will be a maximum of $600,000 for 3 years.
  • Collaboration, as well as research topics, must be new and unrelated to existing studies funded by BARD or submitted in the 2023 submission.
  • The potential for follow-up development effort(s) should be clear in the proposal and will be a significant criterion in the evaluation of the potential impact of the proposal.
  • The selection of the projects would be determined first and foremost based on innovation, scientific merit, the potential impact on current agricultural knowledge or practices and the multidisciplinary   collaboration arrangements as described in the proposal.
  • An annual presentation-progress report will be required by the research team.

Submission date: September 14th 2022, (same as standard BARD research track).

Applicants for the Pioneer track must meet all the requirements described in BARD research application guidelines on our website