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Nutritional Security USDA,NIFA-BARD-MOST


The BARD-NIFA-MOST Nutritional Security program is a new funding track that enhances U.S.-Israel collaboration on joint scientific innovation to address the multifaceted challenges of nutritional security. The program focuses on solutions to promote health, reduce hunger and address diet-related health issues, while enhancing sustainability. Beyond food quality, the program places specific emphasis on the affordability, accessibility, and overall availability of nutritionally balanced diets that are crucial for human well-being

We are resolutely dedicated to promoting joint research programs that not only deepen our understanding but also yield practical solutions to enhance the quality, quantity, safety, health, and affordability of nutritious food for both nations and beyond. With a steadfast focus on state-of-the-art knowledge, technology, and resources, we aim to cultivate resilient and nutritionally sound food systems. Our overarching goal is to make substantial contributions to the promotion of nutritional well-being, extending the benefits of our research to create a healthier, more secure food future for all.

Priority areas:
Impact of nutrition and diet on health and well being 
    Food Science, processing and safety 
    Sustainable solutions for nutritional security

Award duration: 3 years

Award amount: Up to 480,000 NIS for 3 years

Next submission deadline:  Pre-proposal:  May 12, 2024
Full Proposal July 7, 2024

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