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Spotlight on BARD Postdoc

The Vaadia-BARD Postdoctoral Fellowship program was established in 1986 to identify and support young scientists who will eventually become leaders in agricultural sciences and technologies in universities and research institutions in the United States and Israel. The primary objective of the fellowship is to enable these young scientists to acquire new skills and techniques while becoming professionally established in the agricultural research community.

  • 250 Postdoctoral Graduates since 1986
  • Fullfilling key positions in Israeli and US ResearchInstitutions and Universities
  • Award Amount - $55,000

Spotlight on BARD Postdocs

Nerya Zexer

Penn State University
Postdoc: Charles Anderson, U Penn State - Nov 2022
Featured May - 2023

Yael Zvulunov

Colorado State
Postdoc: Thomas Borch, U Colorado St. - Nov 2022
Featured March - 2023

Shiran Ben Zeev

Penn State
Postdoc: Jesse Lasky, U Penn State - Oct 2022
Featured January - 2023