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Call for Proposals

Call for proposals for the next round of  funding in  2022. Our programs are open to research scientists, graduate students, and postdocs. We fund research and development in agriculture. 

 The U.S. Israel Binational Agricultural R&D Fund

BARD projects focus on increasing agricultural productivity, particularly in hot and arid climates, and emphasize plant and animal health, food quality and safety, and environmental issues. BARD also supports international workshops, and offers fellowships for postdoctoral research, senior research scientists and graduate students.

The primary rationale of BARD is bringing together American and Israeli scientists to address important agricultural challenges that concern both countries. Fostering this cooperation creates a synergy which generates results that would not be possible had the scientists worked independently.

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All you need to know

We are happy to invite you to join the "Application Webinar", an introduction session on BARD (the U.S Israel Bi-national Agricultural Research and Development fund) which will take place online July 7th 9 AM EDT; 4 PM Israel time.

This session will cover: the fund's mission, the different funding opportunities, the research priorities, who can apply, the proposal evaluation process and timeline, and useful tips for writing a successful proposal

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Research  priority areas for the coming years:

  1. Improved efficiency of agricultural production, including sustainable development and engineering, enhancing nutritional value, efficient use of resources & agricultural waste, economic evaluation of policies, regulation, and labor; use of functional genomics & proteomics to protect and produce traits supporting increased crop yield and genetic optimization in animals, focus on heterosis opportunities & consequences.
  2. Plant, animal, and agricultural environment defense, including pest and host genetics, invasive species & emerging diseases, early stress detection and rapid point of care methods, development of safe and bio-secure biological, physical, & chemical control measures.
  3. Agricultural production challenges in increased marginal conditions, including climate change & abiotic stress factors such as drought, salinity, high temperatures, nutrient, and soil stress.
  4. Food quality, safety, and security, including improved assessment and detection methods, nutritive value and post-harvest treatment, reduction of food loss & waste, enhanced supply chain quality and technologies, functional foods, development of alternative quality protein sources including plants, fungi, algae, insects, & tissue.
  5. Soil & water, quality, and quantity, including efficient use of low-quality water (grey, black, saline), improved economic return for water in agriculture, crop response to soil & water quality & their constituents, impact of nutrients and agricultural chemicals on water quality.
  6. Sustainable Agri-Environmental Management, including sustainable ag-based energy systems for reduced energy costs, bioconversion technologies, agricultural feedstock, controlled environment agriculture, renewable resources and ecosystem services, circular bioeconomy, reduced agricultural waste.
  7. Agricultural Engineering/Precision Agriculture - Sensors, instrumentation, & control systems; robotics and artificial intelligence; mechanization for improving labor efficiency; biological engineering, biotechnology, nanotechnology.

Funding Opportunities

BARD Research Grants
Funds projects conducted cooperatively by US and Israeli scientists. Covers all phases of agricultural R&D including strategic or applied research.
Award duration: 3 years. One year feasibility studies are also funded.
Maximum award: $310,000 for a 3-year grant.
Next submission date:  September 13th 2021

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Postdoctoral Fellowship

Funds postdoctoral fellowships for citizens from one country (U.S. or Israel) to perform agricultural research with established scientists in the other country.
Award duration: 1-2 years
Next submission date:  January 17th 2022

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Senior Research Fellowship

The program promotes joint agricultural research between established scientists from the U.S. and their Israeli hosts.
Award duration: 2-12 months
Next submission date: January 17th 2022

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Graduate Student Fellowship

The program enables Ph.D. students in one country (US or Israel) to travel to the other country to acquire new skills and techniques in their field of study.
Award duration: 2-6 months
Next submission date: January 17th 2022

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Funds workshops whose purpose is to identify research needs and to promote increased contact between scientists throughout the world in areas related to the binational and agricultural interests of the U.S. and Israel.
Next submission date:  January 17th 2022

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