BARD Funded Workshops 1990-2023


W-130-23 Food Security and the Nexus to Water-Energy in the Face of Climate Change J Kadar, Arava Institute; L Hoagland, Purdue; W.D. Leon Salas,Purdue; T. Zohar, Arava Institute

W-129-23 Advancing recirculating aquaculture (RAS) via sustainable water treatment technology C Arnusch, Ben Gurion U; S. Wickramasinghe, U Arkansas; N. Romano U. Arkansas, A. Ronen Ben Gurion U., D. Zilberg Ben Gurion U.

W-127-23 Keeping Food Innovationís Promise to Human & Planetary Health Through US-Israeli R&D N. Fukagawa, USDA-ARS; A. Troen Hebrew University

W-126-23 Strategies to promote sustainable agriculture using site-specific weed management and robotics R. Lati, ARO; S. Fennimore, UC Davis; H. Eizenberg ARO, A. Brook Haifa University

W-124-21 Insect reproductive molecules and their mechanisms: Bringing new tools and ideas for agriculture Y. Heifetz, Hebrew University; M.F. Wolfner, Cornell University

W-123-21 Food Security Strategies for a Changing World A. Kimhi, Hebrew University; C. Barrett, Cornell University

W-122-21 Understanding and mitigating effects of treated wastewater reuse in agriculture: From risks to policy and new opportunities E. Cytrin, ARO; J. Mclain, University of Arizona

W-120-20 Sustainable agricultural water (SAW) Workshop K Venayagamoorthy, Colorado St. University; A. Ish Am Radian, Technion

W-117-20 Artificial intelligence for sustainable precision agriculture Paz-Kagan, T, ARO; Post A., Florida Atlantic University; Alchanatis V ARO; Hallstrom J, Florida Atlantic University;Laor Y, ARO

W-113-18 Global water reuse, food and health workshop Y. Mishael, Hebrew University; A.R. Sapkota, University of Maryland

W-112-18 The Fruit microbiome: A new frontier M. Wisinewski, USDA ARS; S. Droby, ARO

W-104-17 Nutritional factors modulating plant and fruit susceptibility to pathogens R. Wilson, University of Nebraska; D. Prusky, ARO; B. Horwitz, Technion


W-106-17 Use of barn owls for agricultural pest control M.D. Johnson, Humboldt St. University; M. Charter, Hebrew University; S.M. Kross, Sacramento St.University; R.A. Boldwini, University of California Davis; R. Nathan, Hebrew University


W-107-17 Future of water for irrigation in California and Israel S. Cohen, ARO; D. Parker, University of California Oakland


W-103-16 Chemo-sensation of plant-and-insect-parasitic nematodes and its role in pest control Y. Spiegel, ARO; S. Shaham, Rockefeller University; I Glazer, ARO, S. Brown Miyara, ARO (Ma'ale Hachamisha, 2017)


W-102-15 Innovations in agricultural robotics for precision agriculture A. Bechar, ARO; T. Burks, U Florida; V. Alchanatis, ARO; R. Khosla, Colorado St. U. (Rishon L'Tzion, 2015)


W-99-15†††† The Root Zone: Soil physics & beyond N. Lazarovitch, Ben Gurion U; J. Hopmans, UC Davis; A. Furman Technion (Sde Boker, 2015)


W-97-14†††† Microbial eco-genomics in agriculture I. Mizrahi, ARO; E. Cytryn, ARO; B.A. White, U Illinois; M. Sadowsky, U Minnesota (Ein Harod, 2015)


W-94-13†††† Prespectives in endocrinology of Cichlids B. Levavi-Sivan, Hebrew U; E.G. Grau,†† U Hawaii (Jerusalem, 2013)


W-93-13†††† Innovations in plants virus-vector interactions using advanced technologies

†††††††††††††††††† Michelle Lynn Cilia, Boyce Thompson Institute for Plant Research Cornell U; Murad Ghanim, ARO (Ithaca NY, 2013)


W-90-12     Lobesia botrana: an old world pest on the move: biology ecology and pest status in the Middle East, Europe, and the Americas Ally Harari, ARO; Gregory Simmons, USDA-ARS (Israel, 2013)


W-89-12     Advanced methods for investigating nutrient dynamics in soil and ecosystems Avi Shaviv, Technion; David Myrold, Oregon State U (Israel, 2013)


W-88-11     Insect reproductive molecules: from model systems to agricultural applications Yael Heifetz, Hebrew U; Mariana Wolfner, Cornell U (Israel, 2012)


W-85-11     Microbial virulence determinants and plant innate immunity Avi Avni, Tel Aviv U; Mary Beth Mudgett, Stanford U (Israel, 2012)


W-84-11      Microarrays and next-generation sequencing for detection and identification of plant virus John Hammond, USDA-ARS, Abed Gera, ARO (USA, 2011)


W-82-10     Affecting early life poultry development to improve domestic fowl livestock Noam Meiri, ARO; D. Micheal Denbow, Virginia Tech (Israel, 2011)


W-81-10     Biological control of postharvest diseases: challenges and opportunities for the new Millennium Michael Wisniewski, USDA-ARS; Samir Droby, ARO (USA, 2010)


W-80-09     Trichoderma: Molecular mechanisms and applications of biocontrol in agriculture Benjamin Horwitz, Technion; Gary Harman, Cornell U (Israel 2010)


W-79-08     Crop production in 21st century: global climate change, environmental risks and water scarcity Avi Shaviv, Technion; Ramesh Kanwar, Iowa State U (Israel, 2009)


W-78-08     Rural cooperation in 21st century: lessons from the past, pathways to the future Ayal Kimhi, Hebrew U; Richard Sexton, UCA Davis (Israel, 2009)


W-77-08     Induction and suppression of RNA silencing: insights from plant viral infections Yedidya Gafni, ARO; Vitaly Citovsky, NYSU, Stony Brook (Israel, 2010)


W-75-07    Evaluation of novel technologies for reducing environmental spread and for development of efficient strategies for high pathogenicity Avian Influenza (HPAI) Irit Davidson, Kimron Veterinary Institute; David Swayne, Southeast Poultry Research Laboratory USDA-ARS (Greece, 2008)

W-71-05    Aquaculture genetics Ė status and prospects G. Hulata, ARO; W. K. Hershberger, NCCWA; B. Ron, IOLR (Israel, 2006)

W-68-05     Inter- and intracellular dynamics of ssDNA plant pathogens: implications for improving resistance Y. Gafni, ARO; V. Citovsky, SUNY, Stony Brook (Israel, 2005)

W-65-04     Fungal-modulated host environment and pathogenicity D. Prusky, ARO; M. B. Dickman, U Nebraska (USA, 2005)

W-63-04     Active and intelligent packaging for fruits and vegetables C.L. Wilson, USDA-ARS; S. Droby, ARO (USA, 2004)        

BARD        Promoting cooperative agricultural R&D in the Middle East region E. Chalutz, BARD; I. Shaqir, OIRP; Y. Hadar, HUJI; A. Gera, ARO, Y. Spiegel, ARO; R. Barakat, U Hebron; R. Alkowni, AAUJ; A. Marei, Al Quds U; N. Hailat, JUST, H. Malkawi Yarmouk U, S. Mahmood, Philadelphia U; M. Wisneiwski, ARS; C. Brown, U Georgia (Turkey, 2004)

W-62-02     Workshop on molecular pathogenesis of Marek's disease and avian immunology I. Davidson, Isr. Veterinary Service; D. Heller, Hebrew U, R. Silva, USDA-ARS (Cyprus, 2002)

W-61-02    Molecular perspectives on fungal biology & pathology: current status & future research directions O. Yarden, Hebrew U; R. Rodriguez, U Washington; S. Freeman, ARO; M. Dickman, U Nebraska (USA, 2002)

W-59-02    Science and technology based countermeasures to foodborne terrorism A. Miller, FDA; S. Droby, ARO; N. Paster, ARO (USA, 2002)

BARD         BARDís goals for the new Millennium: a roundtable discussion E. Chalutz, BARD; R.J. Cook, Washington State U; P.R. Day, Rutgers U, A; Mattoo, ARS-USDA; G. Galili, Weizmann Institute of Science; R. Keren, ARO (USA, 2002)

W-57-01     International workshop on entomopathogenic nematodes and their bacterial symbionts R. Gaugler, Rutgers U; I. Glazer, ARO (Israel, 2002)

W-54-99    Postharvest heat treatments: effects on commodity, pathogens and insect pests S. Lurie, AR;, Robert Paul, U Hawaii; Roy McDonald, USDA-ARS (Israel, 2000)

W-52-98    Microbial food contamination C. Wilson, USDA-ARS, A. Miller, USDA-ARS; S. Droby, ARO; N. Paster, ARO (USA, 1998)

W-51-98     Host specificity, pathology and host-pathogen interaction of Colletotrichum D. Prusky, S. Freeman, ARO; M. Dickman, U Nebraska (Israel, 1998)

W-46-97     Management of soilborne plant pathogens I. Chet, Y. Katan, Hebrew U; R.J.Cook, USDA-ARS (Israel, 1998)

W-44-97     International workshop on QTL detection and marker assisted selection J. Weller, ARO; M Soller, Hebrew U; A. Korol, Haifa U; L.B. Hansen, U Minnesota (Israel, 1997)

W-40-96     Modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) of agricultural produce S. Ben-Yehoshua, ARO; A. Kader, U California, Davis. (Israel, 1997)

W-38-94     The 3rd international workshop on basic and applied research in plasmodesmal biology B. Epel, Tel Aviv U; S. Wolf, Hebrew U; R. Beachy, The Scripps Research Institute; W. Lucas, UCA, Davis (Israel, 1996)

W-36-93    Modern agriculture and the environment E. Tel-Or, Y. Chen, Hebrew U; E. Casida, UCA, Berkeley (Israel, 1994) (partial support)

W-35-92     An assessment of the biology and management strategies for Bemisia tabaci from an international perspective D. Gerling, Tel Aviv U; R.T. Mayer: USDA-ARS, Orlando, FL; M Berlinger, S. Cohen, ARO; J. Coppedge, R. Faust, USDA-ARS, Beltsville, MD (Israel, 1993)

W-34-92    The political economy of agricultural policy comparative: theoretical and empirical perspectives (In honor of Professor Pinhas Zusman) E. Hochman, Hebrew U; G.C. Rausser, D. Zilberman, UCA, Berkeley (Israel, 1993)

W-33-92    Non-conventional control of plant-parasitic nematodes (Prof. Eli Cohn Memorial Workshop) Y. Spiegel ARO; D.T Kaplan, USDA-ARS (Israel, 1994)

W-31-91    Applying plant-microbe symbioses to agriculture D.A. Phillips, UCA, Davis; Y. Kapulnik, ARO (Israel, 1991) (partial support)

W-30-91    An integrated non-destructive on-line system for quality evaluation of fruits and vegetables Y. Sarig, ARO; G.K. Brown, USDA-ARS (USA, 1993)

W-26-90    New targets for insect management in crop protection N Aharonson, ARO; J. Menn, USDA-ARS (Israel, 1991)

W-24-90    Biological control of postharvest diseases of fruits and vegetables E. Chalutz, ARO; C.L. Wilson, USDA-ARS (USA, 1990)

W-23-90    International workshop on agricultural cooperation Y. Kislev, Hebrew U, Rehovot; S. T Buccola, U Oregon (Israel, 1991)