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NIFA-BARD Application Submission

The application is a two step process. Only investigators who are approved after the first stage will be able to submit proposals to the second step.

First Step

  • Israeli scientists need to contact any of the eligible NIFA scientists (list of projects)to determine research objectives which will both enhance the NIFA project and be of interest to advance agriculture in Israel.
  • The Israeli PI must submit a 3 page pre-proposal which includes the following:
    • Title Page
    • NIFA-PI and project Title
    • List of Israeli collaborators and their institutions
    • Company information and Contact
    • Research Priority (see list)
  • Brief description of the proposal, overview of the proposed methods and the research objectives. 
  • Contribution of the Israeli research to the ongoing NIFA project
  • Potential benefit to Israeli agriculture/Food Industry/Consumer if successful.
  • How the research contributes to the NIFA-BARD-IIA F&N priority area(s)
  • The benefits of the collaboration to achieving the objectives
  • Collaborative arrangements with NIFA partner.
  • Agreement of the NIFA PI to participate in this collaboration.
  • A sample template for the pre-proposal can downloaded from  here. Send the completed form to haim@bard-isus.com.
  • The pre proposals will be reviewed by an IIA, BARD and  NIFA committee to ensure that the proposals are relevant to Israeli agriculture/food/industry/market etc and enhance the goals of the NIFA approved project.

Second Step: Upon approval of the 1rst stage the Israeli PI will prepare a full proposal to the IIA according to the IIA guidelines. 

The deadline for pre proposal submission is June:30th

BARD Webinar June 1 17:30 IDT, 10:30 EDT (English)

Israel Innovation Authority RFA (in Hebrew)

Israel Innovation Webinar May 30 11:00 am (in Hebrew)