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2021 Awards

2022 BARD Research and Fellowship Grants

$6.5 M for U.S.-Israel Agricultural Research and Development

May 2022, Rishon Le’zion

During its meeting held May 23rd, the BARD (U.S.-Israel Binational Agricultural Research and Development Fund) board of directors approved the funding of grants and fellowships of joint US- Israel agriculture research and development to the sum of $6.5 million. This year, BARD to 21 research projects and six postdoctoral fellowships through the Va'adia-BARD fellowship program, two graduate student fellowships, and one BARD senior research fellowship supporting an American scientist who will conduct research in Israel.

Prof. Yoram Kapulnik, BARD's executive director "BARD-funded research has exhibited excellent academic, agricultural, and economic merit. We aspire to give the research community the platform to do even more. Our goal is to streamline the path from production and consumption to better nutrition and health. Unfortunately, global progress in food production has not resulted in more sustainable solutions for food production or in better nutrition. We are looking for ways to improve it”.

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