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Seed Grants

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BARD Seed Grants


The objective of this program is to extend the impact of BARD supported workshops, by funding “a Seed Grant” for early-stage joint research collaboration. These grants will help strengthen the relationship between the two parties and lay the groundwork for the submission of a full proposal. In most cases the Seed Grant” provides an opportunity to help investigators collect preliminary data to prepare for future BARD grants.  


Participants of a recently held BARD workshop who are affiliates of public or private non-profit research institutions are eligible to apply. Proposals must be submitted through such legally constituted institutions.?  


Joint applications by Israeli and US scientists will be accepted together with the general BARD grants. 

Award duration: up to 1 year

Award amount: $50,000

Submission Deadline:  3 months following the BARD supported workshop.

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