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Aqua. & Desert

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BARD Agriculture and Aquaculture in the Desert


This program is integrated in both BARD’s plan to feature Climate-Smart Agriculture and Israeli Ministry of Agriculture’s office of the Chief Scientist’s focus on climate-smart aquaculture for dry climates and support desert farming.   The implementation of this program is contingent upon the timely formal approval of funding by the Israeli governmental authority.


Priority areas:

The program aims to enhance food security and production of quality protein through investment in research and development that will promote land-based aquaculture systems and desert farming. The program will fund studies that promote the understanding of biological and ecological systems related to fish, algae, and seafood. It will support investment in the advancement of fish diversity and quality.


Conducted research will aid the conservation and protection of Israel and US sea and aquatic resources.

It will also support desert farming research focused on management of agricultural production under desert conditions, with the overall objective of promoting sustainable and climate-smart agriculture.



Joint applications by Israeli and US scientists will be accepted together with the general BARD grants. 

Award duration: 3 years

Award amount: Both standard ($310,000) and Pioneer ($600,000) will be accepted.  

Next submission deadline: September 13, 2023


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