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    The Vaadia-BARD Postdoctoral Fellowship Program

The Vaadia-BARD Postdoctoral Fellowship program is designed to identify and support young scientists who will eventually become leaders in agricultural sciences and technologies in universities and research institutes in the United States and Israel. The primary objective of the fellowship is to enable these young scientists to acquire new skills and techniques while becoming professionally established in the agricultural research community. The program promotes cooperative agricultural research between postdoctoral fellows from one country (the United States or Israel) and established scientists from the other. Recipients will travel to the host country to carry out their research. BARD gives preference to applicants with innovative research topics that are relevant to agricultural issues.

Award duration: One year; successful applicants, with the agreement of their mentor, become eligible for a second year of funding wherein the funding is shared on a matching basis between BARD and the host lab.

Award amount: $64,000 including travel expenses.

Submission date: yearly, mid January (2024 the submission date has been delayed until February 15).


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