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Food and Nutrition USDA,NIFA-BARD-IIA


The NIFA-BARD-IIA Food and Nutrition program will support U.S. and Israeli researchers/investigators working together with an Israeli company. The program will grant funding for joint research conducted by a consortium of Israeli and American scientists in authorized research centers (investigators) working with an Israeli company that aims to develop innovative food and nutrition technologies. IP, if available, must be owned by the investigators’ institution(s).  Any existing or pending agreements between the NIFA funded US scientists and their institutions with US or other companies are not affected by this funding program.

 The Israeli research group will be subject to IIA guidelines and must be accompanied by an Israeli company. The research teams from both countries will be committed to the NIFA-BARD guidelines. This program will aim to improve food and nutrition, increase the variety and availability of food, and support healthy consumption. (Research Priorities).

Recording of Application Webinar

Priority areas:

  • Improving Food and Nutrition
  • Increasing the variety and availability of food
  • Supporting healthy consumption

Award duration: 2 years

Award amount: Varies with targeted IIA tract.

Next submission deadline: Pre-proposal:  June 16 2024
                                            Full Proposal:  September 11, 2024


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