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NIFA-BARD International Partnership

Purpose: To enable Israeli Scientists to collaborate with US scientists in specific Request for Applications sponsored by the Agriculture and Food Research Initiative (AFRI) Competitive Grants Program of the USDA.

In 2016 an Annex to this agreement was signed which enables Israeli scientists to join US recipients of NIFA projects in program areas agreed upon by NIFA and BARD. This RFA applies to the following awards made under the RFA's which were awarded in 2017.

AFRI Water for Agriculture
AFRI Food Safety

A list of the eligiable projects can be found here.

References: USDA Press Release

Guidelines for Applications that include NIFA-BARD International Partnership

Award duration: 3 years

Award amount: Maximum budget $200,000 (US) per project for 3 years.

Next submission deadline: Step 1: July 15, Step 2 September 11, 2018

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