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Managing Grants

Guidelines and Forms for Fiscal and Scientific Reporting of Research Grants

Amended Budget Request

Forms (G1,G2) for amending the original budget request


Grant Management Guidelines

Guidelines for the Management of BARD Research Grants including instructions for scientific and fiscal reporting.


Scientific Reports

Scientific Reports for Research Grants must be submitted annually by the Grant PI. The PI will receive credentials for access to this page about one month prior to the due date.


Fiscal Reports

Fiscal Report is submitted by the Research Authority annually. Credentials for access to the form will be sent to the institutions.


Semi-Annual Declaration

Semi Annual Declaration is filled by the Research Authority and the Investigator yearly, 6 months prior to the end of the reporting year.


Change of Investigator/Institution

Forms (G2a, G2b) for the research authority of scientists requesting a change of institution and/or replacement or addition of a scientist to the grant.