USDA,NIFA - BARD Research Proposal Online Submission Site

To submit or join a proposal you need to be registered first. You only need to register once even if you are participating in multiple proposals.
If you submitted a proposal last year (2022 submission) or you have an exisiting grant and have used to BARD site to submit scientific or fiscal reports, you ned to login with your existing BARD credentials. If you have forgotten your password, you can reset it here
You can also register using your ORCID iD. You must give public viewing permissions of your email in order to register with your ORCID iD.(See link above the ORCID button).
If you don't want to make your email public on ORCID, you can register with your email and link your ORCID account to that email by clicking on the hyperlink 'Link ORCID' in the main menu.
To add a partner to the proposal, the initiator of the proposal must send an invitation from the cover page form. The partner will receive and email asking them to register with BARD. They will also receive a temporary counter number and proposal password which will allow them to join your proposal.
The email you use to invite the partner must be the same email as that which he/she will use to register to the site.
We recommend that you review the USDA,NIFA-BARD Guidelines and the BARD Proposal Guidelines before you begin the submission process.
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We have prepared some recordings that explain the technical aspects of submitting a proposal.