Title Grant year Proj no PI Institution
High Priority Projects
Understanding nutrition security at the individual, household, and community levels among populations above and below the federal poverty threshold 2023 2023-68015-39406 Mueller, Megan SAES - COLORADO STATE UNIVERSITY
Smart Nutrition Program to Promote Nutrition Security and Health through Personalized Nutrition and Digital Nutrition Literacy 2023 2023-68015-39601  Chun, O SAES - UNIVERSITY OF CONNECTICUT
PARTNERSHIP: Anti-inflammatory Interactions of Gallotannins with the Intestinal Microbiome in Obesity 2023 2023-68015-40572 Talcott, Susanne SAES - TEXAS A&M UNIVERSITY
Investigating the Roles of Nutrition Information, Nutrition Literacy, and the Updated Nutrition Facts Label on Dietary Choices 2023 2023-67023-40215 Liu, Yizao PENNSYLVANIA STATE UNIVERSITY
Interactions of soil- and rhizosphere microbiomes, plant nutrition,nitrification, and nitrous oxide production in agricultural cropping systems 2023 2023-67019-40170 Martens-Habbena, Willm SAES - UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA
An apple a day: interrogating apple for crop nutritional quality improvement 2023 2023-67013-40267 Cooperstone, Jessica SAES - OHIO STATE UNIVERSITY
Prenatal Starting Early Program: An mHealth intervention in prenatal care and WIC to improve nutrition and physical activity during pregnancy 2023 2023-68015-39604 Messito, Mary NEW YORK UNIVERSITY
Efficient Forage Utilization in Beef Cows 2023 2023-67015-39665 Lalman, David SAES - OKLAHOMA STATE UNIVERSITY
Increasing food literacy as a means of increasing preschool children`s food acceptance and reducing obesity risk 2023 2023-68015-39416 Francis, Lori PENNSYLVANIA STATE UNIVERSITY
Food processing level and nutritional quality: Considerations for dietary energy intake in adults 2023 2023-69015-39440 Melanson, Kathleen SAES - UNIVERSITY OF RHODE ISLAND
Targeting environmental and nutritional factors in early life to achieve optimal mammary growth and future productivity 2023 2023-67015-39668 Laporta Sanchis, Jimena SAES - UNIVERSITY OF WISCONSIN
Improving the efficiency of beef production by understanding the untapped potential of mitochondrial variation 2023 2023-67015-39782 Petersen, Jessica SAES - UNIVERSITY OF NEBRASKA
Effects of maternal nutrient restriction on fetal intestine development and epigenetic regulation 2023 2023-67012-39740 Tillquist, Nicole SAES - UNIVERSITY OF CONNECTICUT
Integrated genomics and metagenomics predictions and modulation of the gut microbiota?muscle axis to improve fillet yield in rainbow trout 2023 2023-67015-39742 Salem, Mohamed SAES - UNIVERSITY OF MARYLAND
Exploring The Feasibility Of End Of Production Regimens To Improve Leafy Green Nutritional Content, Appearance, And Post-Harvest Longevity 2023 2023-68013-39640 Walters, Kellie SAES - UNIVERSITY OF TENNESSEE
The role of ketones on energy metabolism, milk production, and the development of peripartal disease in dairy cows 2023 2023-67015-39360 Rico Navarrete, Jorge SAES - UNIVERSITY OF MARYLAND
Determinants and Outcomes of High vs. Low Ultra-processed Feeding 2023 2023-69015-39600 Emerson, Sam OKLAHOMA STATE UNIVERSITY
Applying Machine Learning To Assess Dietary Patterns 2023 2023-67012-39483 Khoo, Weslie TRUSTEES OF INDIANA UNIVERSITY
Harvesting Healthy Habits in Long Beach: A Nutrition and Gardening Intervention to Prevent Chronic Diseases among Underserved Populations 2023 2023-69015-39407 Garcia-Vega, Melawhy CALIFORNIA STATE UNIVERSITY LONG BEACH FOUNDAT
PARTNERSHIP: Crop exposure to micro-nanoplastics and potential impact on human nutrition and health 2023 2023-67017-39267 Demokritou, Philip RUTGERS, THE STATE UNIVERSITY OF NEW JERSEY
PARTNERSHIP: Using Natural Experiments To Understand The Impact Of Summary Nutrition Labels On Nutrition Disparities And Retail Pricing 2023 2023-67023-39111 Zhen, Chen UNIVERSITY OF GEORGIA
Phenomics and modeling enabled decision support for climate-adapted wheat germplasm development 2022 2022-67013-36426 Sankaran, Sindhuja SAES - WASHINGTON STATE UNIVERSITY
NIFA CAP: Leveraging high-throughput genotyping and phenotyping technologies to accelerate wheat improvement and mitigate the impacts of climate change 2022 2022-68013-36439 Dubcovsky, Jorge SAES - UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA
How climate adaptation affects yield and stress tolerance in wild psyllium: a new plant product for food, fiber, and rangeland restoration 2022 2022-67012-36816 Christie, Kyle NORTHERN ARIZONA UNIVERSITY
Developing an Alliance for Training and Apprenticeship in Climate-Smart Agriculture (DATA-Ag) 2022 2022-67037-36259 Su, Jianzhong UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS AT ARLINGTON
Determinants of rangeland recovery after extreme drought: foundational understanding of drought legacies and climate to inform management 2022 2022-67019-36367 Knapp, Alan SAES - COLORADO STATE UNIVERSITY
QTL analyses identify genetic components regulating the interactions between plants, pathogens and the environment in the face of climate change 2022 2022-67013-37719 DiGennaro, Peter SAES - UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA
How Food Crops Become Contaminated with Heavy Metals: Multivariable Analysis in Climate and Field Conditions 2023 2023-67017-40049 Zhang, Wei SAES - MICHIGAN STATE UNIVERSITY
DSFAS: Machine learning integration of multitemporal imagery and genomics to accelerate development of climate-smart rice 2023 2023-67022-40859 Lorence, Argelia ARKANSAS STATE UNIVERSITY
Evaluating the Nutritional Profile of Industrial Hemp Farm-Byproducts and Extraction Residues as Alternative Feed Resources for Goats 2023 2023-38821-39963 Kidane, Negusse PRAIRIE VIEW A&M UNIVERSITY