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The B-Lever program in on its second round this year. The program wishes to promote BARD research projects toward implementation while engaging with Israeli and American companies.

This years’ submission date was scheduled for April 15th, but due to the corona virus crises it has been postponed to April 30th. A pre-selection of projects will be performed by the Israeli Innovation Authority  (IIA) and BARD during May 2020.

We expect one additional project to be submitted to the SBIR on the due date of their 1st phase program.

Guidelines for B-Lever program

At the end of the second year of a BARD-supported project, U.S. and Israeli joint research teams under BARD may link to a commercial entity from either country. BARD-supported scientists can collaborate with the U.S. and/or Israeli business, so the results of the combined research will enhance the development of a marketable technology, product or service.

U.S. team members in the BARD-supported project can participate with a small business applying for funding under the USDA SBIR program. SBIR applicants must be small businesses with majority U.S. ownership or control. SBIR Phase I grants are limited to $100,000 and duration of 8 months and are open to any small business concern that meets the SBIR eligibility requirements. SBIR Phase II grants are limited to $600,000 and duration of 24 months and are only open to previous Phase I awardees.

Why apply though BARD's B- lever program? Applying through BARD means that we walk you through the process of translating the academic knowledge with professional consultants all the way through. We also will help you enable funding of both the US and Israeli research teams regardless if the application is made through the IIA or SBIR.

For further information please contact: Shlomo Wald shlomo@bard-isus.com