BARD Funded Workshops 1990-2013



W-90-12     Lobesia botrana: an old world pest on the move: biology ecology and pest status in the Middle East, Europe, and the Americas Ally Harari, ARO, Gregory Simmons, USDA-ARS (Israel, 2013)


W-89-12     Advanced methods for investigating nutrient dynamics in soil and ecosystems Avi Shaviv, Technion, David Myrold, Oregon State U (Israel, 2013)


W-88-11     Insect reproductive molecules: from model systems to agricultural applications Yael Heifetz, Hebrew U, Mariana Wolfner, Cornell U (Israel, 2012)


W-85-11     Microbial virulence determinants and plant innate immunity Avi Avni, Tel Aviv U, Mary Beth Mudgett, Stanford U (Israel, 2012)


W-84-11      Microarrays and next-generation sequencing for detection and identification of plant virus John Hammond, USDA-ARS, Abed Gera, ARO (USA, 2011)


W-82-10     Affecting early life poultry development to improve domestic fowl livestock Noam Meiri, ARO, D. Micheal Denbow, Virginia Tech (Israel, 2011)


W-81-10     Biological control of postharvest diseases: challenges and opportunities for the new Millennium Michael Wisniewski, USDA-ARS, Samir Droby, ARO (USA, 2010)


W-80-09     Trichoderma: Molecular mechanisms and applications of biocontrol in agriculture Benjamin Horwitz, Technion, Gary Harman, Cornell U (Israel, 2010)


W-79-08     Crop production in 21st century: global climate change, environmental risks and water scarcity Avi Shaviv, Technion, Ramesh Kanwar, Iowa State U (Israel, 2009)


W-78-08     Rural cooperation in 21st century: lessons from the past, pathways to the future Ayal Kimhi, Hebrew U, Richard Sexton, UCA Davis (Israel, 2009)


W-77-08     Induction and suppression of RNA silencing: insights from plant viral infections Yedidya Gafni, ARO Vitaly Citovsky, NYSU, Stony Brook (Israel, 2010)


W-75-07    Evaluation of novel technologies for reducing environmental spread and for development of efficient strategies for high pathogenicity Avian Influenza (HPAI) Irit Davidson, Kimron Veterinary Institute, David Swayne, Southeast Poultry Research Laboratory USDA-ARS (Greece, 2008)

W-71-05    Aquaculture genetics – status and prospects G. Hulata, ARO, W. K. Hershberger, NCCWA, B. Ron, IOLR (Israel, 2006)

W-68-05     Inter- and intracellular dynamics of ssDNA plant pathogens: implications for improving resistance Y. Gafni, ARO, V. Citovsky, SUNY, Stony Brook (Israel, 2005)

W-65-04     Fungal-modulated host environment and pathogenicity D. Prusky, ARO, M. B. Dickman, U Nebraska (USA, 2005)

W-63-04     Active and intelligent packaging for fruits and vegetables C.L. Wilson, USDA-ARS, S. Droby, ARO (USA, 2004)        

BARD        Promoting cooperative agricultural R&D in the Middle East region E. Chalutz, BARD, I. Shaqir, OIRP, Y. Hadar, HUJI, A. Gera, ARO, Y. Spiegel, ARO, R. Barakat, U Hebron, R. Alkowni, AAUJ, A. Marei, Al Quds U, N. Hailat, JUST, H. Malkawi Yarmouk U, S. Mahmood, Philadelphia U, M. Wisneiwski, ARS, C. Brown, U Georgia (Turkey, 2004)

W-62-02     Workshop on molecular pathogenesis of Marek's disease and avian immunology I. Davidson, Isr. Veterinary Service, D. Heller, Hebrew U, R. Silva, USDA-ARS (Cyprus, 2002)

W-61-02    Molecular perspectives on fungal biology & pathology: current status & future research directions O. Yarden, Hebrew U, R. Rodriguez, U Washington, S. Freeman, ARO, M. Dickman, U Nebraska (USA, 2002)

W-59-02    Science and technology based countermeasures to foodborne terrorism A. Miller, FDA, S. Droby, ARO, N. Paster, ARO (USA, 2002)

BARD         BARD’s goals for the new Millennium: a roundtable discussion E. Chalutz, BARD, R.J. Cook, Washington State U, P.R. Day, Rutgers U, A. Mattoo, ARS-USDA, G. Galili, Weizmann Institute of Science, R. Keren, ARO (USA, 2002)

W-57-01     International workshop on entomopathogenic nematodes and their bacterial symbionts R. Gaugler, Rutgers U, I. Glazer, ARO (Israel, 2002)

W-54-99    Postharvest heat treatments: effects on commodity, pathogens and insect pests S. Lurie, ARO, Robert Paul, U Hawaii, Roy McDonald, USDA-ARS (Israel, 2000)

W-52-98    Microbial food contamination C. Wilson, USDA-ARS, A. Miller, USDA-ARS, S. Droby, ARO, N. Paster, ARO (USA, 1998)

W-51-98     Host specificity, pathology and host-pathogen interaction of Colletotrichum D. Prusky, ARO, S. Freeman, ARO, M. Dickman, U Nebraska (Israel, 1998)

W-46-97     Management of soilborne plant pathogens I. Chet and Y. Katan, Hebrew U, R.J.Cook, USDA-ARS (Israel, 1998)

W-44-97     International workshop on QTL detection and marker assisted selection J. Weller, ARO, M Soller, Hebrew U, A. Korol, Haifa U, L.B. Hansen, U Minnesota (Israel, 1997)

W-40-96     Modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) of agricultural produce S. Ben-Yehoshua, ARO, A. Kader, U California, Davis. (Israel, 1997)

W-38-94     The 3rd international workshop on basic and applied research in plasmodesmal biology B. Epel, Tel Aviv U, S. Wolf, Hebrew U, R. Beachy, The Scripps Research Institute, W. Lucas, UCA, Davis (Israel, 1996)

W-36-93    Modern agriculture and the environment E. Tel-Or, Y. Chen, Hebrew U, E. Casida, UCA, Berkeley (Israel, 1994) (partial support)

W-35-92     An assessment of the biology and management strategies for Bemisia tabaci from an international perspective D. Gerling, Tel Aviv U, R.T. Mayer: USDA-ARS, Orlando, FL, M Berlinger, ARO, J. Coppedge, USDA-ARS, Beltsville, MD, S. Cohen, ARO, R. Faust, USDA-ARS, Beltsville, MD (Israel, 1993)

W-34-92    The political economy of agricultural policy comparative: theoretical and empirical perspectives (In honor of Professor Pinhas Zusman) E. Hochman, Hebrew U, G.C. Rausser, UCA, Berkeley, D. Zilberman, UCA, Berkeley (Israel, 1993)

W-33-92    Non-conventional control of plant-parasitic nematodes (Prof. Eli Cohn Memorial Workshop) Y. Spiegel ARO, D.T Kaplan, USDA-ARS (Israel, 1994)

W-31-91    Applying plant-microbe symbioses to agriculture D.A. Phillips, UCA, Davis, Y. Kapulnik, ARO (Israel, 1991) (partial support)

W-30-91    An integrated non-destructive on-line system for quality evaluation of fruits and vegetables Y. Sarig, ARO, G.K. Brown, USDA-ARS (USA, 1993)

W-26-90    New targets for insect management in crop protection N Aharonson, ARO, J. Menn, USDA-ARS (Israel, 1991)

W-24-90    Biological control of postharvest diseases of fruits and vegetables E. Chalutz, ARO, C.L. Wilson, USDA-ARS (USA, 1990)

W-23-90    International workshop on agricultural cooperation Y. Kislev, Hebrew U, Rehovot, S. T Buccola, U Oregon (Israel, 1991)