NIFA BARD Israeli Application Checklist

The following is a checklist describing the process for an Israeli scientist(s) to participate in a NIFA-BARD application.

Online NIFA Submission Process For Israeli Scientists

  • Initiate Application using your email
  • Enter Title of Grant Proposal (obtained from US Project Director) (Proposal Details Page)
  • Add the US Project Director of the proposal as the first investigator. This is the only US investigator to be added to the proposal (Investigator's details page)
  • Add all the Israeli investigators to the form.
  • (You need not complete the entire form at one session. By clicking on the continue button on the Proposal Details Page) you will receive a temporary counter number and password which will enable you to reenter the form and continue the submission process at a later date)
  • Prepare and upload in pdf format the Added value of partnership -- How is this partnership bringing together complementary expertise in a meaningful intellectual collaboration? (Proposal Detail Page or Proposal Summary Page)
  • Prepare CV's and relevent publications for each Israeli Investigator. Each CV must also include the NIFA Conflict of Interest Form. (See NIFA Conflict of Interest Policy). (Each CV should be uploaded separately either on his Investigator's details page or on the proposal summary page.)
  • After all investigators have been added generate the signature pages to be signed by the Research authority and each investigator. (One page per institution - Proposal Summary Page)
  • Upload the signed signature pages in pdf format. (Investigator's Details Page, Proposal Summary Page)
  • Enter the Israeli Budget for each institution (Proposal Details Page)
  • Generate Israeli Suplementary Documents. This will coallate all the information required by the Israeli side to provide to the US project director for the submission. (Proposal Summary Page)
  • Upload the full proposal submitted to NIFA or a summary which includes:
    1. Names and Institutions of all participants
    2. Abstract of proposal
    3. Objectives of the Israeli contribution
    4. US Budget